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One golf scoring app to rule them all.

From score tracking and analytics, to group organizing and communication. We’ve got you covered.


Welcome to the ultimate golfing experience.

Screenshot of event set up

Quick Play

Fastest to the tee.

Unknown Golf was designed to make setting up a game as quick and intuitive as possible.

Features include:

Up-to-date course finder
Player lookup via USGA Handicap ID, League, or name
Simple challenge creation
Membership is free.


The games within the game.

We all know the game is a lot more fun when real money is in play. That’s where Unknown Golf’s “Challenges” come in handy. Build your custom challenge before – or during – play, and we’ll handle the math to settle up at the end of your day.

Ways to spice up the game:

Choose from a virtually limitless set of wager options
Select from individual holes or Nassau
Set Max Loss limits to control payouts
Integrated Venmo settlement

Custom Games

Pick a format.
Any format.

We know everyone has their own style of game they like to play, so we made sure to cover all of them.

Build custom leaderboards per style of play, making live tracking easy.

Payouts are automatically calculated based on the format selected.


Throw the pencils in the wood chipper.

We wanted to make live scoring as easy as possible while you are out on the course.

Features include:

Score control can be given to any or all players
Intuitive score entry designed for mobile use
Live scoring can be tracked through app or UnknownGolf.com

Plan a group trip with our golf tournament app

See how Unknown Golf can make organizing and communicating a snap.

Trip & Event Planning


Welcome to your new (golf) home.

Screenshot of Unknown Golf player dashboard

Player Dashboard

Your personal dashboard that keeps you up-to-date with all your upcoming rounds, past performance and total challenge winnings. By adding friends you can make new game creation simple and have one central location for communication and invites.

Golf league app and group dashboard

As a League or Group you’re going to need a little more horsepower when it comes to getting organized. We’ve built handy features like news, message boards and chat to make communication easier. And analytics that allow you to see a broader group view of points and money leaders.

Screenshot of Unknown Golf friend management


GPS and green mapping

The Unknown Golf app utilizes GPS technology to provide real-time, accurate location data for golfers on the course, ensuring precise yardage measurements and enabling strategic decision-making. With GPS integration and state-of-the-art green mapping, you can confidently navigate the links, optimize your shots, and enhance your golfing experience.

Satellite course view
2D-course view
Contoured green mapping
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