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Tourneys, events, and outings. The golf league app you've been looking for.

You know all those little details that can make setting up group and tournament play a hassle? Yeah we do too. We built Unknown Golf to be an all-in-one platform to make all of it easier.


Welcome to the future of golf events.


Focus on your members, not setting up events.

We know setting up a tournament or an event can be a time consuming task. We make this process super simple by allow you to focus on what important – your members or guests. Whether you’re setting up a game for 4 or 400, we have you covered.

AI-powered event validation

We check everything in real-time so you don’t miss anything.

On-course and simulator support

Flexible game support for life’s demanding schedules.

Flexible leaderboard configurator

Even the largest groups will be up and running in no time.

All the analytics, all the time

Track standings and stats for season-long events

Keep players informed

Generate personalized day-of-event player communications

21st century friendly

Generate QR codes with all event communication


We're just scratching the surface of this golf club app

Setting the stage

We can help your event grab the spotlight with custom assets that increase visibility.

What's included:

Easy to install TV leaderboards for clubhouse display
On-demand printed materials such as cart signs, scorecards, tee sheets, player’s list, etc.
Ability to manage player group names

We'll do your bidding

We know that there’s a lot to handle beyond the golf play, and we’re prepared to help you manage that as well.

How we help:

Pari Mutuel management
Live Odds calculations
Summary of winning ticket and play payouts
Money management and allocation tools
Realtime email receipts
Calcutta management
Live auction mode
Live statistics and analytics
Live TV auction display capabilities with rolling sponsorship banners
Money management and allocation tools
Real-time email receipts

Players & Members will love it too

At the end of the day you want everyone involved to enjoy their experience, and we deliver for them as well.

How we help:

Simple onboarding procedures to get players signed-in
One, easy-to-use member portal for quick access to key info
GPS for all of your players
Personalized day-of-event communication, including tee time, handicap, and direct access to all the links needed for day of play.
Players with a paid Unknown Golf membership enjoy all the personal benefits while participating in club-run events.

Meaningful Integrations

Your members don’t have to leave our golf management platform to submit scores for handicaps or make a payment in another application—one app to do it all, heightening the member experience and increasing engagement.

GHIN Handicap Integration

USGA® synchronization of scores means no one has to take another step to update a player’s handicap.

Club Management Integration

Our integration with ForeTees gives you and your members a seamless and enhanced club experience. You streamline operations, improve member engagement, and optimize course management by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics.
Make registration payments in the Unknown Golf app
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Plan a group trip with our golf tournament app

See how Unknown Golf can make organizing and communicating a snap.

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