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All around Golf Platform for Players, League Directors, and Golf Professionals
Club Professionals
  • Reduce Event set up time for Events through a Simplified and User Friendly interface
  • Club Portal to Manage all Players and Events, including League(s)
  • Support for All Formats requiring only entry of a Gross Score
  • AI Engine to Validate the Event for incomplete steps or errors
  • Integration with the USGA GHIN System for Club Roster & Handicaps
  • Print custom Scorecards, Cart Signs, Pairings, Tee Sheets, Scoreboard Signs, etc..
  • Communicate with Players via Email or Text
  • Personalized Dashboard summarizing Scores and Winnings across all Leagues and Individual play
  • Challenge another Player during an Event to any number of Pre-Configured Challenges (Hammer, Wolf, Match Play, Nine Point, Stableford, Skins, etc..) with the ability to "Press"
  • Create an Event and Challenge(s) outside of League Play with your Friends
  • Scores Auto Post to the USGA® Handicap Centralized System when a player has a Handicap Id associated with their profile
  • Player Run League or League with in the Club (MGA / LGA)
  • News, Message Board, and Social Features
  • Support for All Formats (Stroke Play, Stableford, Skins, Team, Match Play, Match Play Wheel, Match Play Field ) requiring only entry of Gross Score
  • Clear display of Results by Leaderboard with a summarized view of payouts by player
  • Allow players to Sign Up or Cancel for an Event through your League Homepage or Email
  • Run Season long games (Skins, Cricket Board, Ringer Board)
Travel Trips
  • Access to 55,000+ Golf Courses across the World
  • Support for All Formats configurable for Individual, Teams, Ryder Cup, etc..
  • Clear display of Results by Round and Overall with a summarized view of the payouts by player
  • Print custom Scorecards with Handicap allocation Dots
  • Live Scoring with ability challenge another player(s) within each Round
  • Chat feature within Live Scoring to communicate or talk trash during play
  • Retain all Trip Scores & Results year over year for reoccuring Trips
Charity & Corporate Events
  • Live Scoring access via QR Code Event Flyer, no need to download a Phone App or enter Event Codes
  • Event homepage with Sponsors available to the Public
  • Import all Players and Teams from a Spreadsheet to the event
  • Live Scoring & TV Displays with Sponsors for Events
Why Unknown Golf?
Unknown Golf's modern design is purpose built to reduce the time in front of the computer for Club Professionals and League Directors, while enhancing the overall experience for Players
The next generation Platform supports any Single and Multi-Round Format you can think of, requiring only the entry of a "Gross" Score.
Platform Demo
Demo of Unknown Golf's core components of the Play Portal, League Portal, Club Portal, and Live Scoring
Platform Walk-Through
Demo Section
League Director Access Required
Player Portal with player stats and winnings
Create Basic Single Round Events with up to 5 Players
Create Challenges within an Event
Access to 55,000+ Golf Courses arcorss the world
Retrieve Handicap & Post Scores to the USGA Handicap Centralized System
Live Scoring with Live Leaderboards
Unknown Golf Concierge to assist with Event Configuration
League Director
Includes All Player Features
League Portal with News, Message Board, and Social Features
Create any Single or Multi-Round Event with an unlimited number of configurable formats & payouts
Online Event Sign Up for Players
Print custom Scorecards, Cart Signs, Tee Sheets, Flights, Teams, etc..
AI Engine to Validate an Event Set Up
Event Sponsors with Logos
Email League Players and include attachments
Season Long Games (Skins, Cricket Board, Ringer Board)
Create Event playing with or against other leagues
Live Scoring TV Displays
Live Scoring via QR Code Flyer
Golf Club
Includes All Player Features
Includes All League Director Features
Club Portal to manage all Club & Club League Events
Roster Sync with USGA GHIN System
Email Club Players with Attachments
Unknown Concierge
FREE service to assist with configuring of Complex Events
Event / Trip (Concierge)
Have a complex Event or taking a Trip and need assistance, we will configure the Event for you
MGA / LGA Season (Concierge)
We will configure all of the Events for your MGA / LGA season

Live Scoring by QR Code

Scan the QR Code with your Phone's Camera and start keeping Live Score and view Live Leaderboards
Great for Charity Events, Outings, or simplify player access to Live Scoring
No Need to download a Phone App and type in Access codes and passwords
Help Articles & Instructional Videos
Search or Click through our Help section for detailed instructions, screenshots, and videos






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